What were your experiences while interviewing?

There would have been times when you, as a job-seeking candidate, had poor experiences with prospective employers during the interview process. You would’ve witnessed unorganised and unwelcoming hiring formalities, vague portrayal of positions, unaccommodating and disrespectful interviewers, and non-existent feedback loops.

While you expected the prospective employer to play a gracious host all through the hiring process, things seemed unpleasant right from the beginning:

  • You were provided little or no clarity on interview logistics.
  • During onsite interviews, you were shuffled between meeting rooms due to double bookings.
  • You had to wait for long hours before or during the interview rounds.
  • The meeting got cancelled due to somebody’s busy schedule.
  • The interviewer multi-tasked while interviewing.
  • You were asked irrelevant or inappropriate questions during the interview.
  • And so on – the glitches were endless.

On the other hand, people-centric companies pay detailed attention while crafting their hiring processes to create extraordinary candidate experiences. They meticulously coordinated your interview journey from the very beginning to the end:

  • Their application process is simple, mobile friendly, and on many occasions, it’s integrated with social media platforms like LinkedIn.
  • They provide clear job descriptions with responsibilities, eligibility, and expected challenges.
  • They provide clear interview logistics, a tentative agenda, and details (names and designations) of the interviewers.
  • They make you feel comfortable from the word go and respect your time.
  • They communicate effectively during all the stages of interviewing process.
  • They don’t withhold bad news, provide prompt developmental feedback, and are also open to receiving constructive feedback.
  • They partner with professional recruitment agencies to offer a seamless hiring experience.

If you’re one of the best candidates in terms of aptitude and attitude, you’ll always have many options at your disposal. You’ll prefer working with a company that appreciates, values, and welcomes you during the hiring process. Salary, perks, people, culture, and job satisfaction are all important and do matter. However, an exceptional experience right at the beginning gives you confidence about the company’s seriousness in hiring and eventually, retaining you. The first impression during the hiring process gives clues about almost everything else that will subsequently follow in your journey with the company.

As a candidate, you’ll expect companies to relate with every step during your hiring. Whether you get selected for the job or not, you’ll always remember the interview process you experienced. You’ll appreciate the companies who knew who they were looking for, asked purposeful questions, researched about you before the interview, and took your questions seriously. You’ll vouch for visionary companies that orchestrated small details to create unforgettably positive interviewing experiences.

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